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Is Kirby Dead?

Okay, before I get a barrage of people telling me that I am a terrible person for saying this, let me just say that I am not passing any of my conclusions below as fact and that I am not saying that I want any of the claims below to actually come to fruition. With that said,
kirby-dead

A Slew of My Nintendo-related Positions

I get asked a lot of the same questions all the time on either the podcast or on the forums. I have no problems reiterating my positions on things, but I was recently emailed by a student of journalism who asked me several questions about Nintendo-related topics and I took the time to provide very wordy answers to his questions. I figured that I would publish them here so that you guys can know where I stand as well the fact that I feel it is good to have a written record of where you stand on various things.

Here were his questions:

On the subject of E3 2008
- How did you initially view Nintendo's press conference?
- Should/could Nintendo have done things differently, specifically to please the core gamers, or does their new view of E3 make sense?
- Three months on, how do you look back on the conference and some of Nintendo's more recent announcements?
- How do you think Sony and Microsoft performed in contrast to Nintendo?
- Is the end nigh for E3?

On the subject of the DSi
- How would you rate Nintendo's decision to add MP3 and camera capabilities to the system?
- Should they have looked at alternative ways, if any, of improving the platform?
- Would you suggest these additions are designed specifically with the gamer in mind or as an attempt to compete with media-enabled handhelds like the PSP and iPhone/iPod?

The inevtiable Casual vs Core debate
- Where do you stand on this issue?

LITHCast 46

It’s here! LITHCAST 46!!!

(Sorry for the weird audio, my gain was up too much on my mic)

Show Notes:

LITHCast's 3rd Birthday Contest

Alright, it is LITHCast’s third birthday and to celebrate, we are having a little contest.
So, what’s the contest?

Well, all we’re asking you do to is put your musical talent to use and either sing/compose and create a recording for us by November 4th, 2008.

First prize winner will get their choice between Kirby Super Star Ultra for DS or 2000 Wii points. Second prize winner will get whatever the first place winner didn’t want.

Email your songs as an attachment to NintendoPod [AT] GMAIL dawt COM or head on over to to submit your entry!

*Only US and Canada residents can win the KIrby game as it is NTSC, but you are welcome to enter for the heck of it anyway even if you can’t because you still have a shot at the Wii Points...I think.