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Wii Unboxing Photos

Well, I said that in the video we would be taking still photos. So, you can view them by clicking any of the text of this post.

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LITHCast Wii Unboxing in Hi-Def

Oh momma.

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Red Steel at LITHCast

Well, no Wii, but we got the Red Steel disk. Just in time for Arbiter's retirement. Winking

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Nintendo Podcast 27


Pictture of Wii gift Card:

-We talk about our old GameCube.
-A lot of Rambling
-Dissed PS3
-We have a cohost!!!

Toxic Investigates

Well, ToxicWaste asked that this not be a Dissenter, but still, read it anyway.

by ToxicWaste

A wise man once said, “You walk in and there’s people there and they try to sell you Nintendo games…and you can look around and…you can look at Nintendo stuff…and that’s pretty much it.” The ramblings of a wise man indeed. If only the prophecies upheld by the wise men council were false, because they may have ruined the average gamer’s fantasy.

A word of advice: Plan your Nintendo World adventure in advance. Toxic had the unpleasant experience of arriving at the store…on a weekday. Not that I would rather be at school than at the NWS, I would just rather not have to take a 5 hour flight to a store that carries the same items as the 5 minute drive to the local Gamestop. So, if you’re going to go, go during an event and bring a friend.

Let’s take another look at that quote:
“You walk in and there’s people there and they try to sell you Nintendo games…and you can look around and…you can look at Nintendo stuff…and that’s pretty much it.”

Break it down:
1.“You walk in and there’s people there and they try to sell you Nintendo games…” – In essence, this is true; the people behind the counter would love nothing more than to sell you Battalion Wars and Pokemon Dash, but it’s not like they’re persistent or anything (they avoid eye contact).
2. “… and you can look around and… you can look at Nintendo stuff…” – There’s actually a few cool displays that make you feel like you’re in a “Nintendo museum”; I squirmed with delight after I saw the Gulf War GameBoy. Oh, and you can’t forget the excellent selection of game titles to demo and the quality of comfort you’ll be resting in (pictured top).

-Great design.
-Large selection of demos.
-Large selection of Nintendo merchandise.

-Employees are shy…
-Limited historical displays.
-Weekdays aren’t exciting.

Conclusion: Go during an event, dangit!


by Arbiter

Its a simple mathematical equation that has worked for hundreds of buisnessmen around the world. Popular brand + Official store = BIG BUCK$!!! So Nintendo decided to hop on this bandwagon, and create the Nintendo World store! Located in beautiful...downtown New York, Nintendo World successfully accomplishes what it intends to do: Let you have fun (oh, and something about them making money...).

When you first walk into the store, you'll see...everything on the first floor. The store, mind you, is about the size of two Food-Court-sized-McDonald's on top of each other. But really, the first thing you'll notice, is the expensive collector's stuff. I'm talking about the $500 Glass Mario Statue, the $300 jewel-encrusted DS Phats, the stuff people sell on eBay. There's some ol'-fashioned price-gouging for ya kids!

Beyond that is the cream-of-the-crop for anything DS. The DS Circle is a large circle with 16 DSL's set up around it, each with a different FULL game. That means you can play a little of Clubhouse Games, switch over to Mario vs. Donkey Kong, do some Star Fox Command, a hint of Mega M--you get the point. My only REAL coplaints with the DS Circle, are that only 8 of the DSL's have seats, thus forcing you to stand for the other DSL's. And one lone DSL is crammed a foot away from the wall of DS games. Not exactly a nice spot (thankfully, I wasn't feeling like playing Nintendogs for the umpteenth-time).

Against the window wall is the GBA Sampling Bar. My favorite part right here. Its set up just like a bar with about 5 GBA SP's. There are lists of what GBA games you can "order". Just call someone over, select which game you want to play, and they will pop it in. There is always someone there to switch out the game's for you, so don't feel like a jerk if your order 20 different games in a span of 5 minutes. No complaints with this section.

Over on the opposite wall is the Pokemon Center. This is where they cram a whole bunch of---guess what? Pokemon stuff! There are even Pokemon Trading Card Game tables (who plays that anymore?) set up for if your desperate, or just feel like annoying the adults who sit there and read the New York Post. Don't ask me about this section, I avoided COMPLETELY!

Since you've seen everything on the first floor, why not head up the stairs (or the elevator if you're crippled and/or lazy)? Upstairs is where the GameCubes are. There are 7 (if not more) "Game Stations" set up. Each had the same games on 'em, but you really can't complain when there are 30 full games to play, especially when those include RE4, Zelda: WW, NBA Street Vol. 3, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, etc. And nearby are 3 "Game Pods" if you're lucky enough to get into one (usually crowded), you can play those games, in a chair, with surround sound speakers built-into the chair. Not bad, Nintendo. But, why were there games such as Bratz, and Curious George on there? Like anyone wants to play those.

A little ways away are where you can buy T-Shirts, figurines (I got a Toad!), baseballs (got one, just 'cause it looked cool), hats, anything to do with Nintendo. And this part was great, because it had 10 times the variety of your local Hot Topic.

But, I saved the B-E-S-T for last (if you think retro is really awesome). On the second floor are glass cases with retro machines in them. They have the NES and SNES of course, but they also had the Family Computer (affectionately Called Famicom), the Super Famicom, a Legend of Zelda GBA SP signed by Shigeru Miyamoto, and an old Game Boy. But that GameBoy was bombed during the Gulf War, and still works to this day.

Oh yeah. They had a few Wiis there, or something (no demos). Well, at least when I went. By the time you read this, there WILL be Wii demos in the store for you to play. And that means crowds.

So, that brings me to why I so highly appreciate this store. Back when it was the "Pokemon Center", it sucked. It was an entire store FILLED with pokemon stuff, and pokemon machines (half of which didn't work).

Bravo Nintendo. You really have dug yourself out of the Pokemon Center hole, and dazzled me. You definitely deserve a 10/10. You also took 65 bucks from me (baseball, christmas presents, toad, and Clubhouse Games). But that's ok. It was all worth it.

After all, I got more stuff than Toxic did.


Halloween and Ends and NOA Today Begins

Well, now that Halloween is over, it is time for the theme of the site to leave.

On a positive note though, NOA Today has started back up again. Take a look at our iTunes page here.