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LITHCast 56


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-3DS Cartridges to be 1-8 GB:
-Skyward Sword Rumored for March 2011 (really weak):
-3DS in Japan Feb 26th, 2011 for 25000 Yen:
-Donkey Kong Country Returns + Kirby's Epic Yarn out now!
-Miyamoto New Yorker Interview:

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LITHCast 55

It's LITHCast's 5th birthday!

-E3 Talk
-Birthday Contest:
-Marvell + Nintendo?:
-PICA200 GPU for 3DS:
-Extra Life Agawam:
-3DS Details Soon:
-Pokemon Black/White

LITHCast 5th Birthday Contest - Metroid: Other M Giveaway

It’s that time of year again -- July 31st! LITHCast’s Birthday. I can still remember five years ago (July 31st, 2005) back before we had a site, before the forums, before I ever went to E3, before I was at The Hylia, that I was sitting in a room with only my iSight as a mic, recording Nintendo Podcast Episode 1. Since then we have grown. We haven’t taken over the world yet, but we’re definitely pointed in that direction. And there is no more obvious fact in this world than the notion that the only reason it’s been such a fun ride is because of all of you, the listeners/users.

So, in-keeping with an old LITHCast tradition, we will be doing a contest. We’ve had a number of different contests over the years, but one thing is always certain: we give stuff away. This time, we’re giving away a copy of Metroid: Other M for Wii.


Keep your pants on, though. We won’t get it to you any earlier than the August 31st release, but you should have it a few days after that. But that aside, it should be a great game. I would be more firm in that assertion, but it was basically the only game I didn’t get to play at E3.


If you’ve been following the site recently, then you know that DSCUBED is desperate for Twitter followers. So, this year’s contest will simply involve Twitter. All you have to do is follow @dscubed on Twitter and then post the following on your Twitter to be entered into the running:

It’s LITHCast's 5th Birthday! I just followed @dscubed and retweeted this message to win a copy of Metroid: Other M.

That’s all you have to do! The contest will run until August 30th. After that, I will randomly select one winner, and we will get in touch about where to send it. Once we get all that, it will be sent out! I will have the game on the release day, so all I can guarantee is that I will ship it that day, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll have it on any specific day.

So this contest will in fact be open to anyone worldwide, however you should know that if you’re not in an NTSC region, the game won’t work on your Wii. You still can feel free to follow me, though. Haha!

Free Sweepstakes and Contest

LITHCast 54!

Finally! It’s here, and there is a lot to talk about! LITHCast 54!

Take a listen:

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-We might not be here for a birthday contest, but we'll think of something
-Pokemon Black/White:
-E3 Talk
-Nintendo needs to improve WFC:
-Nintendo FY End Finances:
-Mario Galaxy 2 Soundtrack:
-We WILL be at E3 2010, and are very excited!
-VGMUsic hits 30k files:
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LITHCast 53

Ahh.... the joys of good audio quality...

This episode sounds much, much better than the previous one. I hope you enjoy LITHCast 53. A little light on news, but heavy on opinion.

For some reason, I cannot seem to use the Flash player for this one, so here is the
direct download link. Of course, you can just get it from your favorite RSS reader.


-Aonuma say’s we’re in for a surprise this E3.
-Pirated games: How to spot and get your money back!
-Cyber Monday
-New Super Mario Bros. and Mario and Luigi: Bower’s Inside Story released
-Spirit Tracks coming soon

LITHCast Episode 52

LITHCast 52 is out in glorious not-as-good-as-usual audio quality! Admittedly, it's not terrible audio quality, but let me just say that my tolerance for bad audio at the hands of operating system incompatibility is not high when the operating system is not that new, and made by Apple Winking .

Regardless, here is episode 52:


Winner of LITHCast Birthday Contest

As you likely are aware, we here at LITHCast ran a little contest for our 3rd birthday. I charged all of the LITHCast fans out there to write and perform some sort of display of musical awesomeness that is related to LITHCast.

There were two prizes up for grabs here: A copy of Kirby Super Star Ultra for the Nintendo DS and 2000 Wii Points. The person with the best example of audio uberness gets to pick their prize and the second place winner gets what remains.

So, we have out winners.

In second place, with a really neat (but long) intro for LITHCast, Ethan Silverman.

Take a listen to his entry:

And now, our winner: With a very funny (but extremely embarrassing) parody of a song I think you will all recognize, Mr. Dan “Arbiter” McKenney.

Lyrics here


I have emailed both of you winners with whatever information I need.

LITHCast 46

It’s here! LITHCAST 46!!!

(Sorry for the weird audio, my gain was up too much on my mic)

Show Notes:

LITHCast 45 - Birthday Episode!

Alright, first off, let me just say thanks to all of you guys for downloading the podcast! I highly doubt that LITHCast would have
Thanks a lot to Ethan Silverman for the show opening!

Show Notes:
Birthday Thread:
-E3 talk
-Nintendo's Conference: article:

LITHCast 43

Wow! Two in two weeks!

Direct Download


-MarioKart has landed:
-The Conduit:
-Jack Thompson's letter:

LITHCast 42

Direct Download

Show Notes:

-Brawl Lost Tracks:!_lost_tracks
-Brawl Review By Leslie Kivett:
-Wii Blamed on Dollar...not:
-Nintendo Media Summit:
-New Zelda?:


Hope you all enjoy this episode! I did some different stuff with the equalizer (the sound). Love it? Hate it?

LITHCast 41

Finally, our first normal-length LITHCast of 2008!

Hey Listen!:

Show Notes:

-Brawl Spoilers End at approx. 23:58
-GoNintendo Brawl Post:
-Spore is Coming:
-Congrats to Sosamuk on his engagement!
-We will miss you Mr. Storm.
-Wii Pay and Play:
-WiiWare Details:
MarioKart Wii:
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