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LITHCast 41

Finally, our first normal-length LITHCast of 2008!

Hey Listen!:

Show Notes:

-Brawl Spoilers End at approx. 23:58
-GoNintendo Brawl Post:
-Spore is Coming:
-Congrats to Sosamuk on his engagement!
-We will miss you Mr. Storm.
-Wii Pay and Play:
-WiiWare Details:
MarioKart Wii:
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GDC Presskit

So, at, Nintendo has posted up some GDC media. There is just one problem: Most of us don't have a login!

Well, I happen to have a login and so I did get some ZIP files of pictures and stuff on the following:

1. Frontier: Lost Winds (Wii Ware title)
2. WiiFit
3. Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

I uploaded them for direct download below. Help yourselves! I especially recommend checking out Brawl. It happens to be spoiler-free and has some nice big images like this one:


Right (Control)-Click the links below to download:


Frontier: LostWinds (317KB)

Super Smash Brothers: Brawl (31MB)


Devil May Cry 4 Review

By Dan McKenney

I, like many others, have always been intrigued by the Devil May Cry series. Having never played one before, I was surprisingly optimistic about Devil May Cry 4 for the Xbox 360. The games have had a large, supportive fanbase, so I figured I'd give it a go. Unfortunately, Devil May Cry 4 has disappointed me in many ways, and has left me without a single urge to play through the rest of the game, and as such, my impressions of the game are only from 5 hours of playtime.
2000058662_a2269e194b

Turok Review

By Dustin Chapas

Title: Turok
Platform: Xbox 360 and PS3
ESRB Rating: M
Online: Yes
Developer: Touchstone and Propaganda
Turok_logo_qjgenth

Rock Band Review

By Leslie Kivett

Game: Rock Band.
Console: Xbox 360
Developer: EA, Harmonix, MTV games.
ESRB: T for Teen.

rockband_logo