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LITHCast 53

Ahh.... the joys of good audio quality...

This episode sounds much, much better than the previous one. I hope you enjoy LITHCast 53. A little light on news, but heavy on opinion.

For some reason, I cannot seem to use the Flash player for this one, so here is the
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-Aonuma say’s we’re in for a surprise this E3.
-Pirated games: How to spot and get your money back!
-Cyber Monday
-New Super Mario Bros. and Mario and Luigi: Bower’s Inside Story released
-Spirit Tracks coming soon

LITHCast Episode 52

LITHCast 52 is out in glorious not-as-good-as-usual audio quality! Admittedly, it's not terrible audio quality, but let me just say that my tolerance for bad audio at the hands of operating system incompatibility is not high when the operating system is not that new, and made by Apple Winking .

Regardless, here is episode 52:


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Mario Loves LITHCast

This is one of the greatest moments I have on film!

I managed to talk to Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario and others, and for a few minutes. He was even nice enough to say a special welcome to all of you site-goers:

I'm sure he was being completely truthful in his remarks. I am pretty sure Mario is an avid member of the forums.

My Reactions to Nintendo's Strategy a Year Ago

By Daniel "DSCUBED" Friedlaender

I stumbled across this recently, and realized that I can now technically share this with all of you. If you are in the mood for a long read, this should be right up your alley. If you've been listening to the podcast, then you know that until only recently, I have been less than pleased with Nintendo's treatment of their core audience. Recently though, Nintendo has shown a little bit more love towards the core gamer. Nonetheless, I came across this interview that someone conducted of me that shows what I felt about Nintendo at the time. The interviewer did this interview for some degree work in the UK, and thus he could not give me his article due to ownership issues. So, I figured I'd just post it myself! Laugh This is quite a lengthy piece, and is dated 10/15/2009. The questions are the underlined.

How did you initially view Nintendo's press conference?

Directly after the Nintendo press conference, I remember being quite perturbed with regard to the announcements.  For one, we had all expected announcements from Nintendo that were meant to counter the rising threat from Sony.  My personal belief was that Sony and Microsoft, with their respective price drops and developing online platforms, were gaining on Nintendo in terms of delivering what people wanted to see, and I thought that Nintendo should have taken the opportunity to counteract that during this year's E3.

I remember during the press conference there were many opportunities where I was saying to myself, "Wow, Nintendo can make this into a Steve Jobs moment if they announce something right here."  The whole press conference was an emotional roller coaster for me. There were two instances that stood out most to me to exemplify this. The first when Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's new Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, came out on stage and introduced herself.  This was an opportunity for Nintendo, but mostly her, to set their image.  Now, everyone thinks of her as an annoying soccer-mom who believes that Nintendo's fans are all six-year-olds.  The second instance was when the lights dimmed towards the end of the conference just before the announcement of Wii Music.  I felt that they could have really used that tension to their advantage by introducing a new Zelda or other core title.   There were other instances, but those were just the two that were the most blatant to me.