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LITHCast's 3rd Birthday Contest

Alright, it is LITHCast’s third birthday and to celebrate, we are having a little contest.
So, what’s the contest?

Well, all we’re asking you do to is put your musical talent to use and either sing/compose and create a recording for us by November 4th, 2008.

First prize winner will get their choice between Kirby Super Star Ultra for DS or 2000 Wii points. Second prize winner will get whatever the first place winner didn’t want.

Email your songs as an attachment to NintendoPod [AT] GMAIL dawt COM or head on over to to submit your entry!

*Only US and Canada residents can win the KIrby game as it is NTSC, but you are welcome to enter for the heck of it anyway even if you can’t because you still have a shot at the Wii Points...I think.