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Nintendo Wii is Now #1 in Market Share!

If you are a Wii fan, and you like the Console Wars, then you're gonna love this.

According to VGChartz the Wii now has a slight edge over the Xbox 360. Take a look below. These figures update automatically.


There have been a few people on the NSider forums that VGChartz is inaccurate. Honestly, I do not know. They have issued statements about how accurate they are. I believe it and if it helps:

Hot on the heels of LITHCast, (One would like to think)
Information Week and G4 have also mentioned this story.

Smash Bros Speculation: Resetti

So the new update from a few days ago with Diddy Kong as a new playable character made me say, "Duh!" So I thought that I would try to see if I could be ahead of the curve here. So I was just sitting here looking at a Resetti plush toy and I said, "That's it!"

As I say in the title, this is just speculation, but if Nintendo plans to do a update every weekday from now until launch (That's about 75 more updates) and the characters are as unpredictable as a Pokémon trainer, then I think I may have good odds in speculating on something not so far out.

So, why Resetti? Well, there are a few reasons.

Firstly, Resetti is a character from Animal Crossing. Thus far, in Smash Brothers, there is usually a stadium for every character to call home. If you just make a little chart, like the one below, of all the stages, you will find that there are one or two characters be they newcomers or veterans for every stage. Take a look below.

Wii Firmware Version 3 Video

I run down the new Wii firmware:


LITHCast's 2nd Birthday!

Hello LITHCasters,

Yesterday, July 31st, was LITHCast's second birthday! And what would a birthday be without a party? So, we are having a party thread on the LITHCast forums

Also, we will be holding a contest
here where you can enter to win a copy of Brain Age 2, A LITHCast Hoodie, or a Subscription to Nintendo Power. More details are on the forums, but you do not have to be a forum member to win.