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E3 2010

E3 Recap Triangle

Our esteemed colleagues: Evan Dubisky, Josh Bookhalter, and Mackenzie Tims sat down after this year’s E3 to discuss the big three’s press conference.

I should warn you that this has language a bit stronger than what you might be used to if you are a LITHCast regular.

Take a listen:

E3 2010: Nintendo Overview

By Josh Bookhalter

With E3 over, I figure I would do a brief overview for what Nintendo has in store for the public over the next while. Let’s begin shall we!

• Nintendo 3DS - All I can say about it is that I hope it fairs better than the last time they tried a 3D handheld (*cough* Virtual Boy *cough*). Other than that it looks like a DS…..IN 3D!

Nintendo 3DS

• Mario Sports Mix – Really, another sports compilation for the Wii? Get your
Wii-motes ready for some more wrist-breaking waggle action!

• Wii Party - Am I the only one who stopped caring about these Mario Party games after Mario Party 4?

• Goldeneye 007 Remake - I loved the original Goldeneye back in the N64 days, when I would go over to a friends’ house and we would play this for hours. As much as a remake with improved graphics and gameplay tweaks sounds fantastic, I’m still skeptical if this game will have the same impact now as it did 13 years ago (goddamn I’m old).

• Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - I never played a Golden Sun game, but my friend Josh (Crazy Quark) is ecstatic to see a new one come out. From the way he makes the series sound, I better pick it up!

• Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Knowing Nintendo’s track record with the Zelda franchise, it will definitely be a good game. Hopefully we will soon find out what new innovations and additions they will bring to Skyward Sword.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

• Just Dance 2 - NEXT!

• Donkey Kong Country Returns - Another retro reboot from Nintendo that will hopefully be promising. I was impressed with New Super Mario Bros. Wii last year, although part of me believes this game would benefit better as a DS title just like New Super Mario Bros Wii.

• Epic Mickey - An interesting twist on Disney’s beloved mascot can’t wait to see more!

• Nintendogs plus Cats – It’s Nintendogs…….plus Cats, yeah.

• Kirby’s Epic Yarn - God what a dumb title, but after seeing footage the game it looks pretty fun. It’s good to see a Kirby game on a console seeing how it’s been seven years and the last one (Kirby Air Ride) was barely passable as a game.

• Kid Icarus for 3DS – So it’s been 20 years and they finally make a new Kid Icarus Game

• Sonic Colors – This hedgehog needs to be euthanized, does anyone want another 3D Sonic game after the last thousand failed attempts?

E3 2010 Nintendo Media Briefing - Full Video

All right, as is traditional, LITHCast is putting up the full video of the Nintendo Media Briefing. Even though it seems that Nintendo is doing it this year, why not put it up anyway.

You can even download it as a .flv or .m4v file right here or from the podcast RSS feed.

Download the FLV

Download the M4V

LITHCast and E3 2010

If you’ve already listened to the latest LITHCast podcast, then there is a good chance that you already know much of this, but just in case, I am writing it up.

First off, there won’t be a live stream of Nintendo’s E3 Media Briefing from us. While we were among the first outlets to do it, and perhaps the first to do it for free, other venues who frankly have a lot more clout with Nintendo and the production company they use for the briefing have gone into the streaming game. Heck,
Nintendo themselves will be live streaming this year! Not only that, and you’ll have to take my word for this, it is a very stressful thing to get done. Because of this, it will be the first year that I am not in the “Broadcast Media” section of the theatre. This will be a new experience, but will also limit what I can do. Another thing that people often rely on LITHCast to bring them is a full, unedited, downloadable version of the media briefing to watch after-the-fact. Because we won’t have a dedicated set-up for streaming, recording it for later use becomes more challenging as well. However, I wouldn’t eliminate it. I am bringing everything I would ordinarily use to record, and I intend to get a recorded version out to you guys.

I am thinking about seeing if I can get a broadcast media access pass at the last minute. If not, no biggie, I have a ticket for the regular seating. Worst comes to worst, I will have to live tweet the conference.

This brings me to my next point. I am about to head out for E3. I am taking the train this year, and I intend to do a lot more Twittering of what’s going on with my journey up to LA, as well as what I see at the show. Unfortunately, LITHCast has no CMS, so I cannot actually update this main site very easily. I will be posting Zelda-related articles to, but if you’re interested in it all, I would love it if you would follow me on Twitter. I post all sorts of stuff, mostly related to gaming.


Anyway, I hope you all have a great time following all the E3 coverage wherever you get it. I know I will!