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Winner of LITHCast Birthday Contest

As you likely are aware, we here at LITHCast ran a little contest for our 3rd birthday. I charged all of the LITHCast fans out there to write and perform some sort of display of musical awesomeness that is related to LITHCast.

There were two prizes up for grabs here: A copy of Kirby Super Star Ultra for the Nintendo DS and 2000 Wii Points. The person with the best example of audio uberness gets to pick their prize and the second place winner gets what remains.

So, we have out winners.

In second place, with a really neat (but long) intro for LITHCast, Ethan Silverman.

Take a listen to his entry:

And now, our winner: With a very funny (but extremely embarrassing) parody of a song I think you will all recognize, Mr. Dan “Arbiter” McKenney.

Lyrics here


I have emailed both of you winners with whatever information I need.