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E3 Recap Triangle

Our esteemed colleagues: Evan Dubisky, Josh Bookhalter, and Mackenzie Tims sat down after this year’s E3 to discuss the big three’s press conference.

I should warn you that this has language a bit stronger than what you might be used to if you are a LITHCast regular.

Take a listen:

E3 2010: Nintendo Overview

By Josh Bookhalter

With E3 over, I figure I would do a brief overview for what Nintendo has in store for the public over the next while. Let’s begin shall we!

• Nintendo 3DS - All I can say about it is that I hope it fairs better than the last time they tried a 3D handheld (*cough* Virtual Boy *cough*). Other than that it looks like a DS…..IN 3D!

Nintendo 3DS

• Mario Sports Mix – Really, another sports compilation for the Wii? Get your
Wii-motes ready for some more wrist-breaking waggle action!

• Wii Party - Am I the only one who stopped caring about these Mario Party games after Mario Party 4?

• Goldeneye 007 Remake - I loved the original Goldeneye back in the N64 days, when I would go over to a friends’ house and we would play this for hours. As much as a remake with improved graphics and gameplay tweaks sounds fantastic, I’m still skeptical if this game will have the same impact now as it did 13 years ago (goddamn I’m old).

• Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - I never played a Golden Sun game, but my friend Josh (Crazy Quark) is ecstatic to see a new one come out. From the way he makes the series sound, I better pick it up!

• Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Knowing Nintendo’s track record with the Zelda franchise, it will definitely be a good game. Hopefully we will soon find out what new innovations and additions they will bring to Skyward Sword.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

• Just Dance 2 - NEXT!

• Donkey Kong Country Returns - Another retro reboot from Nintendo that will hopefully be promising. I was impressed with New Super Mario Bros. Wii last year, although part of me believes this game would benefit better as a DS title just like New Super Mario Bros Wii.

• Epic Mickey - An interesting twist on Disney’s beloved mascot can’t wait to see more!

• Nintendogs plus Cats – It’s Nintendogs…….plus Cats, yeah.

• Kirby’s Epic Yarn - God what a dumb title, but after seeing footage the game it looks pretty fun. It’s good to see a Kirby game on a console seeing how it’s been seven years and the last one (Kirby Air Ride) was barely passable as a game.

• Kid Icarus for 3DS – So it’s been 20 years and they finally make a new Kid Icarus Game

• Sonic Colors – This hedgehog needs to be euthanized, does anyone want another 3D Sonic game after the last thousand failed attempts?