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Smash Bros Speculation: Resetti

So the new update from a few days ago with Diddy Kong as a new playable character made me say, "Duh!" So I thought that I would try to see if I could be ahead of the curve here. So I was just sitting here looking at a Resetti plush toy and I said, "That's it!"

As I say in the title, this is just speculation, but if Nintendo plans to do a update every weekday from now until launch (That's about 75 more updates) and the characters are as unpredictable as a Pokémon trainer, then I think I may have good odds in speculating on something not so far out.

So, why Resetti? Well, there are a few reasons.

Firstly, Resetti is a character from Animal Crossing. Thus far, in Smash Brothers, there is usually a stadium for every character to call home. If you just make a little chart, like the one below, of all the stages, you will find that there are one or two characters be they newcomers or veterans for every stage. Take a look below.


So as you can see, all stages are accounted for with characters from the same game....except one...Smashville.

So, I think it is entirely possible to assume that at least one character from Animal Crossing will be in the game. Now all we have to do is decide which it could be. The only way I think we can do this is by eliminating who it can't or isn't likely to be. I will do so by showing some images and explaining. Basically, I think that any characters that are being used in the background of stages aren't going to be in the fight. (I.E. Shyguy in Yoshi stage)


Okay, so in this picture, we have that cat (who's name escape's me), The Blathers' sister, and K.K. Slider.


Next we have Brewster and a custom character.


Now we have Sahara, another custom character, and Crazy Redd.


This time we have a few repeats like the cat and the owl. I can't quite tell who the one behind Bowser is, but we now have added Tortimer to the mix.


This picture is interesting as well. We have a lot of new people, erm... animals. We have Gracie, some yellow guy, Phyllis, and NOOK!
Before I move on to the next few pictures, I wanted to talk a bit about Nook.
I think it has been more common around the net to assume that Tom Nook would be a Smash Brothers newcomer as opposed to Resetti. Certainly, I think that next to Resetti, Nook is most likely. He and Resetti are the only Animal Crossing characters that have a trophy in Melee (Which is a common thing among newcomers excluding Ike and Zero Suit Samus) I want to just say before I proceed that if Nook is in, I won't be too shocked, but I think that if you read on, you will see why I think Resetti is more likely.


This is the last screen I want to show simply to say that I do not think it is Dr. Shrunk.

Okay, so why is Resetti the most likely of all Animal Crossing characters assuming there will be at least one? Well, for starters, he a weapon.


The pickaxe. I think that one think that makes him more believable is the fact that he could use his pickaxe as a weapon. Not only that, but he also fits some of the newer things that the Smash Bros folks are trying to implement. For example, he could use his pickaxe as a recovery means like Link.


He could even have a final smash where he burrows under ground, or makes the screen go black. Who knows? He could have his brother Don be an assist trophy for all I know.

I simply feel that Resetti is a more fighting character than anyone else in Animal Crossing, assuming that there will be an Animal Crossing character in Brawl, which I think there will because of the stage.

As far as when they might announce it. I would actually have to say tomorrow, Friday. Simple because they release their biggest updates on Friday. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't though. I think even if they don't, I wouldn't give up hope on Resseti being in Brawl.

Remember, this is all speculation so I could be 100 percent wrong on this, but it's fun to speculate. Happy