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Holiday Speedup

Most would expect that during the holiday season, that the podcast would slow down. And for the many of you who think that it wouldn't be humanly possible to slow down the podcast anymore, you're in luck. Happy

And while I would love to have a completely restful holiday season, Castrol will have my head if I do not make more podcasts.

So...What does this mean? It means that I will be really amping up the number of podcasts I am doing. In fact, I will be doing LITHCasts almost daily. They won't be so bad. I'll just discuss the news of the day. Naturally, they will be a great deal shorter than normal LITHCasts.

We need your downloads!!!

Although, there will be one little caveat. I will be away from my blogging system as I will be in Houston, Texas. And so, I will be posting all the new podcasts not on the mainpage, but on the forums. So, take a look at the post.

Don't worry if you subscribe through iTunes because all the episodes will be on iTunes.