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Soul Calibur Legends Review

By Leslie Kivett



Game: Soul Caliber Legends.
Console: Wii
ESRB: T for Teen
Developer: Bandai/Namco

Soul Caliber Legends has you playing as many characters from the Soul Caliber series, however you will mainly be playing as Siegfried as he is the main focus in the game. Soul Caliber: Legends takes place before any of the other games in the series, Siegfried has just been chosen by Soul Edge for its host and is beginning to slowly weave its way in to Siegfried to control him. As anyone who has played a Soul Caliber game should know that Siegfried's alter ego is Nightmare, Nightmare was created from Siegfried's lust for power which spawned from Soul Edge. So the story of this game is how and why Siegfried turned into Nightmare.


In my opinion, Soul Caliber Legends shattered why we like Soul Caliber. By taking out the arena style gameplay and replacing it with
3-D levels, Soul Caliber Legends was destroyed. Many of the characters attacks are meant for side to side span, not an attack that will hit 3 enemies around them. But enough about my opinion, let me tell you about the game. The controls in this game don't even matter. I'm not joking. Simply shake and swing your Wiimote around and you have an attack. Really anything you do results in the same attack. Additionally, the enemies you will be facing in these uneventful battles are less than exciting. There are about 4 or 5 different enemies. You will be seeing those same enemies throughout the whole game. They never change, or get stronger. On a lighter note jumping and running is executed perfectly and the knees on the character bend accordingly. They really nailed the Basics, Good Job Namco! Every once in a while, you will get a new weapon or meet a new character. In most games, new weapons and characters would be a good thing. Not here. There are almost no differences in any of the combat styles are weapon stats for anyone. Also, whenever you meet a new character there is a long introduction cutscene that takes place between other characters of no importance and you. Makes me want to slam my head into a wall. After a few levels here and there, you will face a guardian, a keeper of a shard of Soul Edge. Basically, you kill them, take the shard and make Soul Edge more powerful so you can destroy the man "Evil" at the end. t would be nice if some of the power gained from the shards showed up in gameplay, but no. There are a few power ups randomly placed around in levels that claim to make your sword more powerful (once again, they don't, at least not much) and others that boost your soul power, which lets you do a little roll attack with a little more force behind it than a regular attack.


Legends defiantly did not follow suit with other Soul Caliber games graphics wise. They are bad. Do not let these screenshots fool you, they are bad. By replacing the arenas with full 3-D environments they could have at least worked on putting a little variation and some nice looking areas. Literally in every level, all the rooms are the same. This wouldn't be so bad if the graphics delivered, but no. So every room looks like the same blurry room. The only variation in a levels rooms is a room with a new weapon. Even most of the Boss rooms look the same. Oh, and did I mention that all the cutscenes are comic book style? No moving characters, just sliding 2-D figures moving in and out of the frame with 2 different facial expressions. I mean really? Put some effort in.


Every Soul Caliber game thus far has cool extras features with bonus story modes, such as Weapon Master in Soul Caliber 2 which let you collect weapons for use both in story mode and Weapon Master modes. But, once again Legends breaks tradition and includes no bonus modes. It does have a multi player, but thats standard on almost any game now. Extra Features made every Soul Caliber game worth buying, since this one doesn't have any, I don't see a point in renting it.


Well I'm going to be blunt right now, THIS GAME IS DAMN HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! Don't even look at this game. Now I know that this is a Spin Off and not an original story game, so obviously it won't be as good. Well, there is no excuse for a game being this bad. None. I give Soul Caliber: Legends a 1 out of 10. Heres a Pros and cons list.

Watching all of the Soul Caliber Characters meet for the first time and Siegfried turning into Nightmare.

Crap Graphics
Crap Levels
Crap Gameplay
Crap Weapons
Crap Enemies
Crap Power Ups
Crap Game