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Shigeru Miyamoto Intrview Translation

So, I was reading over at that Club Nintendo Magazine had done interviews with Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aime. Sadly, both of these interviews were published in Spanish. Rawmeat Cowboy appealed to his readers to translate it. One of his readers did get the high points, but personally, I wanted a full translation.
Conveniently enough, I happen to know Spanish relatively well. It’s practically a requirement for living in Southern California...
I actually have only translated the Miyamoto interview and was planning to translate Reggie’s but since I have translated it, someone over at GoNintendo had translated both in the comments.
here is the original scan of the magazine from GoNintendo.
Here is my translation. Please know that I am not Hispanic and Spanish is just a second language for me:

Club Nintendo: How are you? It’s been two years since we brought you an Epona figurine with you on it. Do you remember?
Shigeru Miyamoto: Of course, thanks for having me.
CN: The fans want you to develop a title like The Legend of Zelda with all the functionality of the Wii, like the Wii Motion Plus. We know we have a Zelda on Wii already, but it was a title made really as a Gamecube project.

SM: Yes, we have The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii and Gamecube, but right now our Zelda team is working on a Zelda specifically for Wii; we were simply not ready to show it

CN: Is that why Eiji Aonuma wasn’t here during E3?

SM: Yes, that’s correct.

CN: Some fans were waiting for an announcement of a new Luigi, Pit, or Pikmin title. What do you say to that?

SM: There are things that we’re not ready to reveal for this show, but I can tell you that we’re working on a new Pikmin and the Wii Remote is very well suited to a Pikmin game.

CN: Did you expect the success the Wii has had since launch?

SM: When we were working on the development of the Wii, we were always thinking that this will be the system that connects with each and every TV, but the figures we have seen exceeded our expectations.

CN: You have new accessories for the Wii: the Wii Motion Plus and WiiSpeak. Will we see more in the future?

SM: Right now, with the Wii Remote and the Wii Motion Plus, we have the capacity to detect motion, especially things that we wouldn’t do in the past like where a sword is in space, or a more realistic swing in golf. And think about the others we have: the Wii Wheel, Wii Zapper, Wii Speak, and balance board and I do not think we ought to make much more; we already have most of what we wanted.

CN: How about the idea of a hard drive?

SM: We’re looking at various technologies and options for this; just wait for an announcement in the future about this.

CN: The title Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass was very successful for the Nintendo DS. Will there be new titles from the series for this system?

SM: Well, we have two teams for Zelda and Mr. Aonuma is immersed in many of the operations. He was even involved with Link’s Crossbow Training; we say he is a very busy man.

CN: We just finished playing the new version of Wario Land and it was pretty good. Will there be a Mario or Metroid with this mode of playing.

SM: I can’t say anything right now, but I can confirm that Nintendo is always thinking about making really good products. We’ll just have to revisit this in the future to know more.

CN: Thanks! Well, I guess we’ll see you in the future.

SM: See ya!