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Geometry Wars: Galaxy Review

By Nick Raffel


Platform: DS
Rating: E
Developer: Kuju Entertainment
Publisher: Sierra
WiFi: Leader boards

Alrighty; let me start of this review by saying that I'm not going to go into the core game play aspect of the game, because everyone had played Geometry Wars, and this one plays just like the other ones. So this review is going to be pretty short.

Galaxies' controls are pretty simple: you use the touch screen to direct your line of fire, the D-pad to move, and the L button to use a bomb. It works really well, and I would even go as far as to say that it works better that the dual analog stick controls from the previous GW games.

So many of you are probably asking, "Why would I spend 35 bucks on a game that I could get for 5 off of XBL?!?" Well let me explain the added content!

First, the drone. You have a little drone thing that follows you around, which you can set to do certain tasks such as collecting the multipliers or attacking enemies. As you progress in the game, you level up the different abilities of the drone.


Second, the added worlds. There are loads of different worlds to play on, not just one square one. They are all different shapes and sizes, and they all have different enemies to kill. There are some worlds that work like GW:Waves, and some that are just the basic square, plus all kinds of crazy new ones. You unlock these worlds by purchasing them with the multipliers you collect.

Third, the enemies. There are more than double the amount of enemies in this one. They are all very different from the original enemies, but they fit into the game very nicely.


Fourth, the multiplayer. Before I explain the multiplayer aspect of the game, let me just say that I went on a 12 hour flight to Hawaii with this game, and my friend who went with us also had it. So I spent a good amount of time with the multiplayer. There are a couple of different modes to play. The first mode is co-op, where you are playing GW:Evolved with your friend. This mode is very simple but also very fun. The second mode is where you play simultaneously with the other player. In this mode you pretty much see who can score the most points, in the least amount of time. The third, and final mode is, in my opinion, the best. In this mode one of the players is placed in a square world, and has complete control over his character. The other player sees the screen on a smaller scale, and can place enemies into the screen. You do so by tapping on the icon of the enemy you want to place, and then tapping the screen where you want to place it. This mode works great. It doesn't allow you to place more enemies that the other player could handle, and it also doesn't allow you to place them too close to the other player. Overall, the multiplayer is really fun, but WiFi would have made it a lot better.

In conclusion, Geometry Wars: Galaxies is a very fun addicting game, but it doesn't have much to it. It does add a substantial amount of content when compared to the original game, but it definately would not be worth paying more for the Wii version. So, if you like Geometry wars, then I say go for it, but if not, then I say skip it.