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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

By Dustin Chapas
Title: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
Consoles: Nintendo Wii
Players: 1-4
ESRB Rating: E
Developer: Sega in cooperation with Nintendo
Online: Sort of...


game-9-10The gameplay of Mario and Sonic at the Olympics is very good but is lacking in areas. The standard gameplay element of this game is made up of 24 Olympic events. These events are categorized into sections. These sections are Track and field, aquatics, gymnastics, shooting, archery, fencing, rowing, table tennis, and dream events. These games are indeed very fun, and are very entertaining if playing multiplayer. Some of these events make you feel sort of been there done that with previous titles such as warioware, rayman, and Mario party. However, this is rarely the case. Mario and Sonic at the Olympics brings lots of fresh and new gameplay to the table. One cool feature is dream events. These are events that are not real Olympic events, but are things that could happen in dreams. For instance, in dream race you race on a Mario themed dessert course while jumping over quicksand, running, collection item blocks, and shooting items. These new ideas are very fun indeed. A very important part about the gameplay is characters. Nintendo and Sega did a very good job at evening out the characters. Before this game released, a lot of people were saying stuff like "Well, how can some chubby plumber expect to beat a super fast hedgehog in a race?" The games characters are categorized into skill sets of power, all around, speed, and skill. In each skill set, there are two sonic characters, and two Mario characters.
A majority of people, including myself, expected this to be just another mini game game that wouldn't be good at all. Surprisingly enough, this game really delivered in the gameplay category and was much more deep and pure than many thought it to be. There are great camera angles during gameplay such as photo finishes, but at times there can be a bad frame rate. One last thing is that it's very unorganized when it comes to unlocking new events. You have no idea what you need to complete in order to unlock a new one. Once when I unlocked a new event, it was when I totally lost in shooting. I was very surprised when it said "Congratulations! You unlocked a new event!"

control-9-10The games controls are truly amazing. Whether it is the javelin throw or running the 100 meter dash, these controls never fail to impress. Lets take running for example.At the beginning you can clap the wiimote and nunchuk together to get the crowd going. Once the race starts, you move the wiimote and nucnhuk up and down as if running as fast as you can. At the end of the race, you will probably be tired, but it is very fun.
It is also very accurate. I've noticed that while running, the faster you shake the wiimote and nunchuk, the faster you go. I was very surprised at the accuracy of this. In almost every event of the game, the controls are completely flawless. The only real complaint I have on the controls are during high jump, far jump, and other jumping events. When you go to jump, you would think that you pull up the wiimote and nunchuk as if jumping as high as possible. However, that is not the case. If you pull up to high, then it says jump failed and you will barely jump. You have to pull up not too softly, but not too hard either. This gets very difficult trying to perfect your jumps. Fortunately this is the only control aspect that I disliked about the game. In just about every other area, the controls are near perfect.

graph-7-10Unlike the gameplay and controls, the graphics of this game are not superb. They are not the worst graphics we have seen on the Wii, but they definitely aren't the best. The characters look very good, but the environments and crowds are just decent. The Wii is not very far in its lifespan, but I know that it can handle way better graphics than what are in this game. This game's graphics really aren't that bad, but they are just average.

replay-8-5-10This game does have replay value and it is very good. The game has a standard multiplayer mode in which you can compete with up to three other people in any event. This is very fun, and in my opinion, much more fun than playing an event all by yourself. Now, this is where online comes in. I was very disappointed that the game lacks online multiplayer. The way the wi-fi does work is that you are able to view other peoples rankings around the world. Everyone that is connected to the internet and has played this game gets their event records put on the list. Whether it's good or bad. For example, you can view who has the best time in swimming 100 meters, and you can see where you are on the list. Some online multiplayer would be very nice and would add lots of depth to the game and make it more fun.

Great gameplay
Great character implementation
Great controls
Fun Events

So-so graphics
lack of online multiplayer
Don't know when you will unlock something new