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Pokemon Black & White: Wait What?


Nintendo announced recently that they're again making a new mobile-platform Pokemon game for us all to enjoy next year; the problem is that I'm not so sure if I even want another Pokemon game in the foreseeable future. Nintendo has taken the lazy route with Pokemon games recently, and in this article I will explain my thoughts behind this.

One problem Nintendo seems to have with the Pokemon series is expanding upon it. Their old routine of creating a new continent with some new Pokemon, some old Pokemon, is just worn out. They should really focus on doing something new with the series -- take it in a new direction that actually interests their fans instead of taking them on the same journey with a different path. Give your trainer a personality, have him live a normal life with his own friends and explore with them on Pokemon adventures. Maybe some wicked tournaments secretly run by Team Rocket or something. Seriously, I've played the same game like 5 times by now.

The Pokemon series hasn't been all that graphically oriented, but putting some 3D graphics into your portable game system's game isn't too much of a stretch. If you can port N64 games to your handheld, you can put in a bit more effort to your own games. Is it too much to ask that I get a little bit of eye-candy improvement when I purchase the same game, released 3 years later?
Oh and on the topic of 3D, how about you make it a flagship title for the 3DS? Pokemon in 3D would be kinda epic.

More Pokemon. Why? There are already so many Pokemon out there, why in the world do you need to make more of them? Legendaries that control space and time? It's just getting ridiculous, instead of making pre-evolutions and adding all of these new ones, maybe build-off of the ones you already have! Just thinkin' out loud here, but maybe something like second variations of Pokemon that do different things based off of their evolutions. For example, a Bulbasaur that is mostly trained at night, and holding a dark item will grow into a Venusaur that is both Plant and Dark types, with stronger Atk and Sp. Atk and some cool new moves. Maybe an appearance overhaul that makes it look badass.

I always have some hopes for Nintendo, because even if they seem like they're making a mistake they are just going to be doing you a favor in the end; however, this cycle of repetition for the Pokemon games is just too tedious.