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Why Nintendo Killed Camp Hyrule

Before I get into this article that took me a little bit of thought, let me first start out by saying that I am completely opposed to Camp Hyrule shutting down and that you can scroll down on the main-page of in order to find our "Camp Hyrule Project" entry. You can sign our petition, which, while it may seem futile, is definitely rightly categorized as such if we do not get more signatures. So, please sign if you feel so inclined. I would also like to point out that Camp Hyrule will still be held, but not to the same extent, at least, not this year.


As many of you may know, Nintendo of America, has decided to effectively shut down
Camp Hyrule. In this article, we explore what may be the reasons for Nintendo shutting down camp Hyrule. Before we do that, it is important to realize exactly what aspects of Camp Hyrule are going to take place and what they plan to substitute it with in order for us to decipher why they may have done this.

Nintendo has been running Camp Hyrule, which is basically an online summer camp, for the last thirteen years. Whether it be by themselves, or with AOL, Nintendo has held twelve Camp Hyrules and this year's marks thirteen. Nintendo claims that the reason is because Camp Hyrule is very unlucky in general and they figure that mixing that with the number thirteen is a recipe for trouble. Now, first, lets realize that this is obviously not the reason. I mean, Camp Hyrule is unlucky simply because the NOA staff makes it that way in the code. So, its nothing that they can't control. Nintendo's NOA_ANDY even held a live chat with Nintendo's message board goers and he basically dodged the question of why. This goes to show that whatever the reason, it either isn't very good, they're not proud of it, or both.

Now, in order to maybe see why they cancelled it, we have to understand what is going to be there. What we know is that there will still be a Camp Hyrule map (funny because that's the most unlucky part of the camp), a place for Stumpy (the also unlucky mascot) and some of the Flash games from the past. The things that will not be brought back are things like the cabins, the chats, messageboards, and cabin wars. There will be a contest to win a life-size Link statue though.

Now that we have that out of the way, lets begin to examine why Nintendo even conducts Camp Hyrule. One might say that they are just being nice and trying to please people. That may be part of the reason, but personally, since Nintendo is a large corporation, I do not think that their motives are not just a little bit driven by money.

One might say that Nintendo has plenty of money, and they'd be right. The Wii has done wonders for the stock including the almost 8% stock increase today. With Nintendo hitting a new 52-week high almost daily, its hard to imagine that they can't afford the human element to Camp Hyrule.

So, what could the reason be? Well, I have three theories in order of how good they are. You can take them or leave them.

Theory 1: Nintendo is just flat out lazy. Its not that I think this is the most likely, but I do think that it is worth mentioning considering that the elements that they have decided to take out are all elements that require active human attention. And considering that thirteen years is a long time to be running an online summer camp. it is possible that they may have decided that they just do not want to deal with it this year. I am in San Diego and in a few days , the biggest comic book convention, Comic-Con will start soon. I do not even think Nintendo is going to be there this year. That's according to our PR contact with Nintendo anyway. With E3 being moved closer to things like Comic-Con and Camp Hyrule, I suppose that it is possible that they are just tired.

Theory 2: This is probably the most unlikely considering that counter-examples are starring me right in the face, but I think it also should be mentioned. One possibility is that Nintendo may not have any games to promote. Like I said, I think this is unlikely considering that they said there will be a map ( my guess is either Metroid, SSBB, or Phantom Hourglass as the map thing fits) But they just may not feel that the Camp will be worth the promotion.

Theory 3: Okay, this is the theory that took me a while to think of and its the the one that I think makes the most sense. Camp Hyrule is run jointly by Nintendo of America staff and by Nintendo Power Staff. For every Camp Hyrule I have been to, a big portion of what they try to do is sell subscriptions of Nintendo Power. For those who don't know, Nintendo Power is Nintendo's official gaming magazine that started in the late 80's. Recently, there have been rumors that because Nintendo of America is going to be doing restructuring, Nintendo Power writers are being laid off because they will either sell the magazine or get rid of it altogether. Remember, these are just rumors, but they are not that hard to believe. Sales in print media for all types of consumer have been on the decline largely because of the internet availability of the information. It makes sense that the types of magazines that will fall first in these declines are magazines where the audience has a large internet presence. Namely Computer and Gaming magazines. So it is not surprising that Ziff Davis (a large computer and gaming media company) has been selling off divisions and reshuffling management quite frequently.

Unfortunately, Nintendo does not release figures generally about their magazine. Maybe this is telling evidence that the sales are on the decline. Since I think that Camp Hyrule is directly linked to Nintendo Power, it is not hard to believe that they may cancel it for that reason.

In conclusion, I think my third theory is the most plausible, but quite honestly, I could be wrong on all counts. This is all speculation and to be honest, I hope my third theory is wrong because it would imply a permanent shutdown of Camp Hyrule, which is something that Nintendo's NOA_ANDY refused to comment on.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have great comments to leave and maybe some theories of your own.

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