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Camp Hyrule Project

Ladies, Gentlemen, LITHCasters, NSiders, and guests,

Lend me your ears. Today is a solemn occasion. Today, July 18th, was the day the dream died.

"What is Daniel talking about?" You may ask.

Well, to put it simply, Nintendo has essentially cancelled one of my favorite events,
Camp Hyrule. Why they did this, I am not sure, but what I do know is that they are trying to pass off the reason as the fact that 13 is an unlucky number. This, I am sure, is complete boloney. I mean, Japanese company right? So, 4 should be their unlucky number...

But I digress. Nintendo of America believes that they can simply substitute the Camp Hyrule dream with a contest. While admittedly, the prize is a life-size statue of Link *drools*, we cannot forget that the reason we go to Camp Hyrule is for the community. Realize that only one person can go away the victor with a mere contest, but at Camp Hyrule, everyone leaves a winner.

Now, I may sound like I am being very sentimental about this camp and there is a reason I am. This would be my third Camp Hyrule if I attend. For all those who love the podcast, know this, Camp Hyrule was one of the things that first inspired me to start doing some serious Nintendo stuff. Without it, there is a good chance this site and podcast wouldn't be here today.

Moreover, Camp Hyrule is an event that occurs once a year, and at least on NSider, there are many people who will be leaving simply because they love Camp Hyrule and cannot live without it. There are also people that never got to even go to a real Camp Hyrule.

Now, if you think I am not crazy, then maybe you'll join me in trying to save Camp Hyrule.

Here's how:

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Sign our petition

If all else fails, we are going to try to set up our own Camp Hyrule, but we'll see.

Thanks everyone,
Daniel Friedlaender
Founder and Host of LITHCast


I am starting to think this is all a joke and KING_GAMER from NSider sums it up well:

KING_GAMER288 wrote:

5. NOAs were likely aware that this announcement would generate a mostly negative response from nearly everyone on NSider - why would they try to tarnish their image even more in the eyes of some who already don't like them?

4. In all honesty, the Counselors are the ones who are setting up the disasters. Seriously, guys, if they don't want a disaster to happen, all they have to do is write it out in the code and the disaster will be avoided. It's really that easy.

3. Even if we don't hold Camp Hyrule as it has been held for the last 12 years this year, guess what? We're not actually holding the 13th Camp Hyrule - we're avoiding it. So, next year, guess what? It'll still be the 13th Camp Hyrule again, unless they're going to sell this one off as the 13th one - but it'll be pretty hard to do that considering it won't have many elements from past ones - the most important being the COMMUNITY element.

2. The prize is a joke in its own right. As much as we'd all like to believe that any Zelda fan would love to own a life-sized Link statue, it's actually not true because most of us don't have room for that kind of thing, nor do we want to make room for it. It probably wouldn't even grab a decent price on eBay...really. I hate to say it, guys, but I doubt this prize is actually worth shooting for, since we could build this if we had enough paper mache and time.

1. If these camp counselors are so superstitious, why in the world are they starting the contest on AUGUST 13th?

It seems very, very fishy to me.