It's awfully quiet here... That's because most of the action is over at the LITHCast Forums. Why not head on over? Updates Week of 10-8-07: Highs and Lows

Alright, so this week was interesting. Usually it is easy to pick the highs and hard to pick the lows of the week, but this week it is easy to pick both.

Anyway, let us begin with the high points.

Okay, so for me anyway, the obvious high-point was having Sonic the Hedgehog being added to the roster of Brawl characters. I can't say I am surprised, but I like what this means for the game. Most people 10 years ago would never have beleived in Sonic on a Nintendo console, let alone in a sacred Nintendo franchise. Sonic along with Snake is a good sign that Nintendo is getting along with third parties, something that could have saved them a couple years back. Anyway, I am making Sonic my high-point.

Now, the low point I think is [pretty obvious too. The low point really is that Nintendo has delayed Brawl to February 10th of next year! (For the Americas) This is very saddening to me. I really hope it does actually pay off. If they did something amazing (like take out friend codes *nudge*) then that would be enough. Although I can't help but wondering what is going through Reggie's mind. He made such a big deal about it not being released next year at the press conference. Anyway, I hope it does improve the game and I will still be buying it February 10th.