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Super Mario Galaxy Review

By Leslie Kivett

Game: Super Mario Galaxy
Console: Wii
Nintendo Wifi Connection: No
Developer: Nintendo of Japan/Nintendo of America
ESRB: E for Everyone


In this game U R Mr Gay......I mean Mario and this year is the year of the Star Festival where a comet comes into orbit that only comes but once every hundred years. Of coarse, you get a letter from peach saying she has a surprise for you. As you make your way to the castle an entire fleet of flying pirate ships comes led of coarse by Bowser. Who then procedes to inform you that he is going to take over the universe using the power of the Grand stars. After his monologue a UFO comes out of no where and literally rips The Princesses Castle from its foundation and whisks it off in to space.


Super Mario Galaxy is a 3D platformer with a few new features to the platforming genre. For example, not only will Mario traverse large land masses such as forrests, desserts and Ice/fire caves, he will also explore smaller asteroid like areas which can be jumped to from the larger mass using star shooters which pop up all over the place and require you to spin Mario by shaking the wiimote side to side. Spinning can also be used to stun enemies so instead of jumping on them, you can kick them. Also a new feature, when your on a smaller comet land mass, you can go under it. For example, if your on a flat green comet place, the center of gravity is in the middle of the comet, if you jump of the edge you will in fact fly over and land on the reverse side of the comet. This, however can get annoying, sometimes you will land in a part of the asteroid and the camera angle will be horrible. Not only when you use gravity like that is the camera bad, there are numerous times where the camera will not help you whatsoever and you find yourself in a position running toward the camera not knowing what awaits you. Using these abilities will help you obtain Power Stars to get a ship back up and running (which is captained by non other than princess Rossalina.) that will take you to the center of the universe where your final showdown will occur. The enemies that will present themselves are among those of the original Mario monsters and a few newbies. The Goomba has made its triumphant return, and so has the Koopa for a little while. There are a couple new enemies such as a little blue thing with a star on its head that attempts to land a headbut on you. Also there is a small blue thing that kinda sticks too you until you spin them off. There are also some fire and ice enemies to accommodate certain levels. In addition to enemies returning, so do some old friends. Such as the Uber PENGUIN! Penguins, and other creatures send you on quests within levels so you can obtain the power star at the end of the level. Also, not only do different Mario suits return such as Fire Mario, so do few new ones. Such as Ice Mario: which lets you freeze water so you can walk on it, Bee Mario which lets you fly for a short while, Boo Mario: which lets you disguise yourself as a Boo so you can go through gated walls and hide among other Boos. Also, there is a secret form of Mario where he wears a red and black suit. I wont tell you what it does though. Thats for you to find out.


The graphics in Super Mario Galaxy are the best on Wii, Period. Simply the best presentation of graphics and water effects on this console. right now. Well, maybe not the best water effects. It looks great in some parts, however in others it just looks horrible. Like a big jello block. The rest of it looks nice though. The characters look good and so do the many environments Mario will traverse.

Honestly, I believe it is more fun to just run around and explore the different areas and find the bonus power stars. In addition, if you find all of the 120 Power Stars, and beat bowser you will unlock the ability to play as Luigi. Also, playing with a second person allows the first player to controll Mario and the other to shoot star bits that are collected throughout the game. The Second player can also help Mario jump higher if A is pressed simultaneously with the First player. There is also a alternate storyline that really has no significance to the anything, however if you never enter the library in the hub world, you will never see it and you wont waste a half our of your time.


Overall, this game is a great addition to the Mario series and a immediate classic that will be remembered for ages. With its many creative boss fights and over 40 uber awesome levels. Great Physics, and a range of abilities that seem endless, this a true Mario game. I give Super Mario Galaxy A 10 out of 10. Yes, I will be using a 10 scale now.