It's awfully quiet here... That's because most of the action is over at the LITHCast Forums. Why not head on over? Updates Week of 9-10-2007: Highs and Lows

Okay, so this week was sort of a dull week when compared to last week, in my opinion. Some annoying assist trophies, another Fire Emblem character, some menus, and some old characters revived. Not too much to speak of.

Still though, there were my favorites and least favorites. So, let's begin.

My favorite update of the week had to be the return of Ice Climbers.

You may ask how anyone could be thrilled with having them back. Well, to be honest, I am not so much happy because they themselves are back, but rather as a proof of concept.
I believe that if a character that no one could possibly have really desperately wanted back like Ice Climbers are back, then everyone from Smash Bros. Melee will probably be back.
Personally, I never understood this idea of people trying to decide amongst themselves who was leaving. In my mind, the notion of some character leaving Smash Bros. is just a little hard to believe. This posting furthered by belief. So that is why it is my #1 post for that week.

Next, my least favorite. It had to be Lyn.

I am sorry, but I really have to wonder if Nintendo feels that they have enough Fire Emblem characters. I am labeling this my least favorite update because I am hoping that Lyn and her Fire Emblem friends won't kill a perfectly good character's chances of getting in. Say, Resetti?

Anyway, that's it for this week. Take a look at our new iPhone wallpaper section if you feel so inclined.